Live Streaming Meetings 

The regular 9.00am Sunday service at St James is due to restart on April 4th (Easter Sunday), and all are welcome.

The joint St James, St Martin's & St John's Sunday Service continues on Zoom at 10.30am and, again, everyone is very welcome.  
We haven't yet confirmed a date for restarting the other services in the church buildings.


Please message us through the website for the zoom link.  Click here for the JMJ Facebook pages  to find the live stream and other updates.  

If you live in Alsagers Bank, Audley or Talke and need any help self-isolating, please let us know on 01782 720392.

To join in on your phone you need to install the Zoom Cloud Meetings app (available for Apple, Android and Windows)
To join in using our Desktop PC or laptop you will also need to install the App.
You will need to set up a Zoom account (free).
All this is best done in advance of the meeting start time.

It is also possible to dial in for voice only on any phone (landline or mobile)

For security reasons, we have now taken down the public link to services.  Please contact the church office for the link to the Zoom Services.  You can contact the office via the contacts page.  We will be using the same link for all services.

Please bear in mind that the technology is far from perfect.  We often have difficulties with image and sound quality or synchronisation between sound and images.  This is particularly bad at peak times when a  lot of people are using the Zoom service (e.g. Sunday mornings).   There is no need to tell us this during the service - we already know and there is nothing we can do about it.  

Top Tips:

  • Please behave in the Zoom service as you would in an actual church service and bear in mind that we can see and hear you and extraneous noises (e.g. turn off TV and radio and resist the temptation to provide 'Gogglebox' type comments and running reviews while the service is in progress).
  • The viewing experience will vary greatly for individuals depending on the speed of their internet connection, the device they are using and specific settings on those devices.
  • Some great tips from the BBC for maximizing your connection for live-streaming can be found here  (including making sure no one uses the microwave while you're live-streaming!)
  • Use the microphone and/or video camera icons at the bottom left of your screen to switch your audio and/or video on and off.  
Zoom controls mic and vid
  • Please DO NOT use the green 'Share Screen' button in the centre of the control panel.  This is for hosts to share materials (like PowerPoint screens of readings, creed or prayers or videos).  Usually  'Screen-Sharing' is disabled unless you need to share something in a particular service or meeting (e.g. PowerPoint or video songs).
Zoom controls share screen
  • Depending on settings for particular meetings and services you may be able to use the 'Chat' button to send a text message to everyone or to an individual.  Please do not use the chat facility to tell everyone that there are problems with sound or image quality - the host will be aware of this and there is usually nothing we can do about it during a service or meeting.
Zoom controls chat
  • If you are joining a meeting on a Desktop PC or Laptop you may be able to toggle your microphone on and off using the space bar (this doesn't seem to work on all set-ups) but if you move your mouse pointer to your own video window the mute/unmute option should appear - just click it to mute/unmute.
  • If you enable your video laptop camera or PC Webcam bear in mind that everyone can see you (wear clothes and don't pick your nose)  :-)
  • Please bear in mind that this is still all very new to us and services might not be as smooth running or as perfect as we would all like.  We're still learning the ropes.  Please be patient but if you have particular skills and knowledge that may help us to resolve problems please contact us outside of the service/meeting time.